Canine / Animal Massage Therapy

Canine / Animal Massage Therapy



  • Decrease pain, improve joint & tissue health, enhance immune system, relieve tight & sore muscles, improve recovery time, reduce stress & anxiety...


  • Anxiety, arthritis, pain or injury, pre/post surgery, behavior challenges, orthopedic & neurological, sprains & strains, tight muscles, stress, pre/post athletic event, palliative or hospice care...

Your pets massage session

  • 60 or 30 min session, low stress handling & positive reinforcement techniques, pet parent education 
  • Types of massage: Sports massage, orthopedic, post surgical, lymphatic, touch training, palliative & hospice. 



  • Strengthen & build muscle, nourish joints & tissues, improve mobility, gait, body mechanics, athletic performance, balance, circulation, physiological and psychological health,  and bond between pet and owner. 


  • Weight loss, rehabilitation, sports conditioning, injury prevention

your pets exercise session

  • Appointment times may vary (30 min maximum), low stress handling & positive reinforcement techniques
  • Exercises are determined by referring Vet & the therapist in conjunction with the goal of the pet owner. 
  • Types of exercise may include: Proprioception/balance training, strengthening, agility and endurance

  • **Prior to first session, we must have written medical clearance from your Veterinarian**
Animal / Canine Exercise Therapy / Rehabilitation 

Animal / Canine Exercise Therapy / Rehabilitation